Heat shrink film is widely used in the outer packaging of food and beverage, pharmaceutical industry, construction industry, etc.

Its function is to effectively protect the packaged products through strong contraction force to achieve dust-proof, moisture-proof, anti-collision, and anti-loose effects, and to improve the grade of the product.

The root of shrink film roll is plastic products. Most plastics are high molecular polymers formed by polymerization of by-products refined from fossil raw materials such as petroleum.

shrink film material

Thermoplastics, such as synthetic resins in polyolefin systems, are direct products of the petrochemical industry. The so-called polyolefin plastic is a general term for plastics whose monomers are olefins. The material of plastic flexible packaging is a base material processed from petroleum by-products. Such as BOPP, CPP, CPE, IPE, LDPE, PET, PP, NY, toluene, ink, glue, and other materials are all closely related to petroleum.

The common heat-shrinkable films in the market are as follows: POF.PE.PVC.PET and so on. Each type has its place in the market due to its price and performance.