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Product description

  • Compared to heat-shrinkable sleeve film, cold-stretched sleeve film is a more efficient pallet integrated packaging method, which has higher sustainability, lower operating costs and energy consumption.

  • Our cold-stretched film can be applied to all kinds of packaging equipment such as Rahmeier, Maiske, Berman, Habasit, etc. Widely replace packaging for products such as home appliances, petrochemicals and building materials

  • We have a modern and well-equipped testing room, which can perform all necessary tests on PE belly to ensure the high quality of products. Obtain continuous customer satisfaction by meeting the requirements of all technical parameters. After the product is delivered, we are committed to obtaining continuous customer feedback and conducting regular customer satisfaction surveys

  • Safer process and lower cost

  • Faster packaging

  • Anti-theft design


Specification Width Insertion width Perimeter Thickness Roll diameter
Insertion film 1070mm 375mm 3640mm 110mic 1300mm
43” 15” 145” 4.5mil 52”
  • Customization: Transverse elongation can be customized

  • Additives: antistatic agent, masterbatch, vapor phase rust inhibitor, UV inhibitor, flame retardant

  • Film inner and outer layers with different smoothness treatment, 8-color flexo printing machine

  • Pipe material: PVC pipe

  • Tube inner diameter: 76mm (3 inches), 150mm (6 inches)

  • Packaging: kraft paper packaging, bubble film, PE bag

Product advantages

Safer process and lower cost

Compared with heat shrinkable packaging, the packaging process does not require the use of liquefied gas or other energy sources for heating, making the production process safer and lower in cost. The risk of fire and safety hazards are reduced, and the influence of heat on the articles during heat shrinkage is avoided.

Faster packaging

Cold-stretched casing film is a faster way to pack at least 100 pallets per hour. And a roll of cold-stretched casing film can pack about 1500 pallets, saving time for film replacement.

Anti-theft design

Because the cold-stretched sleeve film cannot be used manually, after using the cold-stretched sleeve film to package the product, it can play an anti-theft role in the transportation process. Will not cause customer complaints because the product is repackaged.

Technical standard

Packaging molding process

PK Stretch packaging

  • 1.Due to the large vertical tensile force of the film, the loading stability is high.

  • 2.Reduce product loss due to theft.

  • 3.Achieve product ventilation and film printing.

  • 4.Suitable for driverless transportation systems or automatic high rack systems.

  • 5.Full protection on five sides to protect against weather changes.

  • 6.The frequency of film replacement can be reduced by up to 10 times, which improves equipment availability and reduces operator workload.

  • 7.Fully transparent film enhances the appearance of the product, improves the brand awareness of the product at the point of sale or in transit, and promotes consumer buying.

  • 8.Up to 200 pallets per hour.

  • 9.No need to cover the film with extra seal, the barcode is highly readable.

  • 10.Through accurate calculation of film consumption, a precise cost plan can be formulated.

PK Shrink packaging

  • 1. Due to the large vertical tensile force, the loading stability is improved.

  • 2.Film does not need to be heated-reduces the risk of fire and lowers insurance rates.

  • 3.As the film consumption has been reduced by more than 30%, the energy consumption has been reduced by 90%, thereby significantly reducing environmental pollution.

  • 4.Flexible handling according to different product sizes.

  • 5.Sound energy level <75DB reduces maintenance.

  • 6.Up to 200 pallets per hour.

  • 7.Choose 5 faces or 6 faces for protection to reduce external influences.

  • 8.No need for fire extinguishers or additional cooling systems at ambient temperature.

  • 9.No need to stick the packaging film for the first packaging and / or product.

  • 10.The film can be reused.