With special irradiation technology, WM03 is the most perfect heat shrink film.It can help you solve all packaging problems . As JT03 offers excellent shrinkage, strong & durable seals, wide sealing temperature range, it is suitable for all packaging systems with its excellent properies.

  • 1. POF cross-linked shrink film has high shrinkage, high strength and high shrinkage, and can be used for cluster packaging of beverages.

  • 2. It has good transparency and can be used for the packaging of books and periodicals. It can clearly display the appearance of the product, improve the sensory awareness, and prevent the books and periodicals from being deformed.

  • 3. Good welding performance and high strength, suitable for manual, semi-automatic and high-speed automatic packaging.

  • 4. Good cold resistance, can maintain flexibility at -50°C without embrittlement, and is suitable for storage and transportation of the packaged materials in a cold environment.

Product Specification Sheet

Thickness 12um 15um 19um 25um 30um
Width Customize 2 inches to 60 inches as required
length 1667M 1332M 1067M 800M 675M
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Use Cross-Linked Shrink Film

Production of Cross-Linked Shrink Film