Environmentally friendly – easily recyclable
Lower cost per foot than PVC
It doesn’t become brittle and yellow with age
It’s more pliable than PVC film and does not tear easily
As a multi layer film the finished packs are very strong and presentable
It’s puncture resistant and tough
It gives better results where clarity and shelf life are important considerations
It gives better results when bundling multiple products
It’s approved for direct food contact
It doesn’t break down during the heat-sealing phase of packaging
It’s clean to use – less machine maintenance and a cleaner, higher quality overall appearance
No need to use Teflon curtaining over sealing wires
No smell or smoke when sealing – fine for use indoors
Most shrink wrap machines are capable of using both PVC and Polyolefin film. The heat required to shrink both types of film is about the same – so swapping to Polyolefin is easy.