In terms of design, shrink film packaging should be applied to different consumer groups’ aesthetic concepts and psychological feelings. Women’s pof shrink film should reflect more warm, romantic, and soft characteristics. Men’s pof shrink film is mostly masculine, individual, and easy to use. For the elderly, the pof shrink film should be reflected in the humanized design and ease of use. Children’s pof shrink film needs to reflect more cartoon elements and children’s psychological needs. Also, in terms of outstanding themes, many domestic shrink film manufacturers, such as Herborist highlights traditional Chinese medicine, Ou Shiman highlights pearls, have all formed their concepts and characteristics.

In the context of environmental protection becoming an industry background, more and more manufacturers choose low-carbon and environmentally friendly packaging methods and packaging materials by increasing R & D technology. Well-known manufacturers in the industry have adopted the slogan of packaging environmental protection, using new technologies and new materials, introducing a clean production mechanism, and using green, environmentally friendly (economic mode) production methods and product structures based on low energy consumption, low pollution, and low emissions, thereby reducing carbon emissions and achieve sustainable economic development. With the widespread use of pof shrink film in daily life, manufacturers should meet the requirements of simplicity, practicality, green and environmental protection from packaging design.

New environmental protection shrink film
Environmental protection shrink film