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  • Product Brand: WM Technology

  • Product Name: PE square bag

  • Product material: LDPE low-density high-pressure polyethylene

  • Product color: Transparent

  • Product thickness: Customizable

  • Product specifications: Customizable

  • Product printing: Supports printing

  • Product Advantages: PE square bags have the advantages of strong toughness, high elasticity, tear resistance, cold resistance, heat resistance, pressure resistance, dust resistance, and water resistance.

  • Application range: Furniture dustproof, Outdoor windproof, Transportation rainproof, Cargo packaging, CNC equipment, Material moistureproof, Office dustproof, Machine dustproof.

Product Details:

Waterproof material

Waterproof, dustproof, moisture-proof, good sealing.

Printing and ironing

Beautiful and strong, mechanical hot stamping, light and stylish, practical.

Support customization

Different sizes and styles to meet your needs.

Brand-new PE material

Adopt brand-new PE material, environmental protection and health.

High toughness

The product is tough enough, not easy to puncture.

Firm bottom cover

Exquisite workmanship, not rough, smooth cutting edge.

Application Scenario

Widely used in machinery transportation, parts packaging, instruments and equipment, household dustproof, carton lining, sheet packaging and other industries.

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