1.High Durability

Once wrapped around the product, POF shrink films offer protection from various external elements, including heat, dust, dirt, etc. Besides, the shrink film is tear-resistant and offers incredible tensile strength.

2. Eco-Friendly

POF material is easily recyclable. So, when you choose POF to shrink films, you make an eco-friendly choice.

3. Cost-Efficient

Polyolefin shrink film is a cost-efficient alternative. How? It incurs a low per foot cost than a lot of its counterparts.

4. Multiple Applications

POF shrink film can be used for various applications. Some of them include packing food products, machinery, and electronic products. Additionally, you can use POF shrink film to protect a single product, stationery items, etc.

5. Space-Efficient

Polyolefin shrink film conforms to the product’s shape and size. It packs well to occupy a minimal space – in fact, only as much as the product requires. As a result, you save space and can use the area for other purposes as needed.